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About Arc

Arc is a top AI-powered remote jobs marketplace, connecting companies with 300,000+ software developer job seekers worldwide. It offers direct access to a verified network of developers, making global remote hiring easier.

Arc features

Optimize your workflow by linking Arc with Lever. When candidates accept interview invitations on Arc, they are automatically added to your Lever system with their resume and Arc profile. Experience effortless candidate management without the need for manual data input.

Auto-source developers with Arc’s HireAI

Upload your job description and HireAI will instantly match you with top candidates from our global pool of 300,000+ developers. Arc’s HireAI identifies top applicants without manual screening. Then automatically send candidate information to Lever after a developer has accepted an interview request on Arc.

Hire vetted senior global developers

Connect with 300,000+ developers from 190 countries on Arc, all pre-vetted for technical and communication skills, to help you find the right match for your team quickly.

View and manage Arc candidates in Lever

Once this feature is enabled in Arc, you'll be able to track all candidates sourced from Arc who have scheduled interviews directly in Lever.

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