AI sourcing technology that helps you find 40% more candidates from 50+ open sources online.

About AmazingHiring

AmazingHiring aggregates profiles of technical candidates from data collected across over 70 online sources, including LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow, Kaggle, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Recruiters and sourcers are able to get a list of consolidated candidate profiles rated by AI to match the job criteria. You can also exclude sources from search (like LinkedIn) in order to find hidden talent. It’s possible to filter candidates by years of experience, gender, past job titles, seniority levels, etc. The company is currently testing the diversity sourcing filters which are available to clients by requests.

AmazingHiring integrates with Lever allowing you to send candidates to your ATS directly from AmazingHiring.

AmazingHiring is a great tool for finding emails of candidates from open sources online

AmazingHiring features

Smart Folders: You may organize candidates by folder, share folders across your organization

Data Enrichment: Recruiters can upload their candidates and update their contacts and social links in order to keep their own databases up to date.

Messaging: Recruiters can set up outreach email sequences to candidates they find interesting.

AmazingHiring comes with a Chrome extension that is free to use but with some limitations (works in full for paid customers).

AmazingHiring screenshots

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