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About Staffparty

Staffparty is on a mission to make work more playful. Our recruiting products dazzle candidates at make-or-break moments in the hiring process. When candidates are wow’d, they say ‘hell yes’, they sprint to their first day of the job, and they tell their friends.

✨ Interactive Offers. Traditional job offers are dull and underwhelming. 95% of candidates don’t even understand the true value of their offer. Staffparty’s Interactive Offers deliver a celebration, and are packed with easy-to-understand insights about compensation and benefits. Equity simulations help candidates estimate the future value of their equity ownership. Benefits are stamped with a dollar value and benchmarked to the industry. Frequently asked questions answer the juicy questions that some candidates are hesitant to bring up. Team intros remind candidates about the unique and supportive culture your company works so hard to nurture.

👋 Welcome Messages. Hiring is most potent as a team sport, but many teams are ill-equipped. Staffparty motivates the entire team — interviewers, hiring managers, future team members, and executives — to message candidates and record quick videos in 1 click, all orchestrated via our Welcome Hub. Candidates instantly feel the ❤️.

🚀 End-To-End Automations and Templates. Recruiting tasks are neverending - candidate communication, scheduling adjustments, interviewer follow-ups - and the best candidates drop off quickly if you miss a step or fall behind. Staffparty’s ATS integrations and customizable triggers automate things like offer creation, welcome message requests, and follow-up communications. Pre-configured templates have you up and running in a flash.

Staffparty features

🦸‍♀️ Staffparty’s integration makes it easier for Lever users to give every candidate an A+ hiring experience.

Why recruiters love Staffparty

  • Boost candidate win rate
  • Reduce time to close
  • Build a unique recruiting brand that attracts top candidates

Why candidates love Staffparty

  • Confusing legal documents are transformed into transparent and easy-to-digest summaries
  • Seeing the dollar value of equity ownership now and in the future is exciting
  • No need to ask spicy questions when top questions are proactively addressed
  • Everybody wants to feel welcomed and wanted. Waves of welcome messages from the team do just that.

How Staffparty Offers work

  • When you move a candidate to Offer stage in Lever, Staffparty automatically creates a beautiful interactive job offer
  • At Offer stage, Staffparty notifies interviewers and encourages them to record a short welcome video for the candidate
  • When a candidate accepts the Staffparty offer, the opportunity status in Lever is automatically updated

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