Compa empowers recruiters to create their own market data and make winning offers. They can capture candidate pay insights, screen for pay bias, compare to pay guidelines, and predict win chances.

About Compa

Compa helps Talent Acquisition teams convert candidates in competitive markets. We help recruiters use competitive intelligence to develop smarter offers. We help Talent Acquisition leaders improve efficiency at the offer stage. And we help organizations make compensation fair and competitive for everyone.

Compa features

By simplifying and automating compensation analysis with our data science engine, Compa empowers recruiters to easily create, compare, and communicate offers so they can get to a winning offer faster and close more candidates.

We help you:

  • Scale your competitive knowledge and outsmart the market with better data. You can better understand how you perform against each of your top competitors by job and location.

  • Capture competing offers and pay expectations to stop losing candidates over pay. You can bring your candidate conversations about pay to life and create your own real-time source of comparison market data.

  • Use predictive analysis to create winning offers. Our data science engine helps you create smarter pay packages. It's like having a compensation analyst review every offer.

  • Use offer trends to better know what it takes to win. You can monitor your win rate, offer spend, and pay bias risk in real-time, automatically. No more complicated spreadsheets.

With a Lever integration, your data can flow automatically and securely into Compa, and can be structured and enriched to enable apples-to-apples offers analysis.

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