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Benchmarking - Pave delivers free access to the largest compensation data set on the market. With real-time benchmarking, you can base compensation decisions for salary, equity, variable and more from a combination of Pave and Option Impact’s extensive compensation data — all in one place.

Compensation Bands - Easily build, edit, visualize, and share compensation bands across your organization using Pave Compensation Bands. With a single, trusted version of your compensation bands, you’ll be able fairly reward employees during merit cycles, help employees understand their comp and career progression, and compensate candidates fairly relative to their skill and experience.

Compensation Planning - Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Analyze compensation fairness and run organization-wide merit cycles in a centralized portal. Administer salary increases, bonuses, equity refreshers, and more with customizable guidelines for managers. Leverage built-in approval flows that allows you to stay aligned with leadership and keep your merit cycles on track.

Total Rewards Statements - Build trust and motivate employees by sharing the true value of their total rewards package. Give employees a single place to visualize every element of their compensation — salary, equity, place in band, bonuses, and more. Eliminate confusion about equity for candidates and employees and allow them to easily calculate their equity potential.

Visual Offer Letter - Win more candidates by helping them visualize their total compensation and equity upside in a unique and engaging way. In minutes, recruiters can build personalized and engaging offer letters that can be shared directly with candidates.

Pave features

By integrating with Pave, you'll be able to use Pave's Visual Offer Letter product which allows you to easily and effectively communicate total compensation (salary, equity, benefits and more) to candidates.

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