SquarePeg is an all-in-one smart recruitment platform that allows companies to source, screen and hire top quality candidates.

About SquarePeg

SquarePeg is a smart hiring platform that leverages behavioral science + machine learning to improve every aspect of recruiting. While most HR functions rely on tools that do not integrate or learn with use, SquarePeg offers a multifunctional platform that uses data from every stage of the recruiting cycle to improve how and who a company hires. We offer talent sourcing, assessment, matching, management, & analytics in an easy to use platform that integrates seamlessly with Lever.

SquarePeg features

With SquarePeg + Lever, you can source top passive candidates and market your jobs to the widest possible distribution of potential applicants. We use email campaigns, Inmail, ads, programmatic CPC advertising, distribution to 200+ job boards, and our own database to take your jobs directly to the most qualified prospects, rather than making them search. With our matching technology we only show you qualified applicants who meet your criteria. All candidates are assessed for fit, and we provide automated messaging, pipeline management, and outreach. Our analytics platform shows you critical information on DEI, recruiter performance, and insights to help your team improve.

SquarePeg screenshots

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