Socially Recruited

Socially Recruited

Our AI platform enables you to target quality passive candidates, reducing your cost per hire, cutting your time to hire and opening up new diverse pools of candidates.

About Socially Recruited

Socially Recruited is the UK's leading programmatic social media recruitment platform. An AI platform that enables enterprises to target quality passive candidates, reduce cost per hire, cut time to hire, and open up new diverse pools of candidates. Many of the world's leading employers, agencies and RPOs trust us with their passive candidate acquisition.

Socially Recruited features

The Socially Recruited integration enables you to track the performance of your campaigns and automatically push any candidate applications captured within Socially Recruited into Lever.

  • Launch programmatic social advertising campaigns with ease across all major social networks.
  • Sophisticated targeting using over 4M data points
  • The only platform that can intelligently retarget candidates across channels
  • AI at our core, not a recent 'add-on'
  • Programmatic 24/7 campaign management and optimisation
  • Privacy-first, cookieless performance tracking and reporting

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