Reczee Screeno

Reczee Screeno

Automatically tag inbound applicants to discover top candidates!

About Reczee Screeno

Reczee Screeno empowers recruiters to automatically tag candidates into categories like "Top company", "Top Institute", "Open source enthusiast", etc. to reduce hours of time spent in manual resume screening.

Reczee Screeno features

The Reczee Screeno integration with Lever allows recruitment teams to automatically screen and tag the candidates in the Lever pipeline. Recruiters can now qualitatively prioritize the top candidates instead of going through hundreds of applicants one at a time.

Seamlessly find top candidates by filtering on tags that are automatically populated by Reczee Screeno with minimal manual intervention in screening resumes.

  • Tags: Candidate opportunities are automatically tagged on Lever with tags like Top Company, Top Institute, Open Source enthusiast, Hackathon Winner, etc.
  • Graduation/Post-Graduation Year: Reczee Screeno will also publish the graduation year and post graduation year to Lever against every applicant to allow recruiters to give a rough sense of each candidate's experience.
  • Custom filters: You can choose to process only specific kind of applicants for tagging. For example, tag only the applicants from careers page.

Reczee Screeno screenshots

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