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About RecruitBot

RecruitBot is a powerful hiring platform that transforms the entire recruiting experience. Leverage AI and ML to get matched with the right candidates from a database of 700+ million, send personalized but automated communications to candidates, and easily collaborate with your team throughout.

AI vs ML Differentiators. AI doesn’t adapt to your preferences, so everyone sees the same candidates when searching for “Software Engineers in San Francisco”. RecruitBot uses Machine Learning that reverse-engineers your preferences for each position, allowing you to find candidates that are the perfect fit for the specific position, resulting in 5X less time reviewing candidates. As these candidates are also a better fit for you, it results in improved response rates and halving the number of interviews per hire.

Find better candidates. Fast search across RecruitBot’s global database of 700+ million candidates, plus every resume in your ATS. Fine-tune your results by applying 25+ attributes (including DEI segments), and get smart suggestions for similar terms.

Move from search to hire 5x faster with the power of machine learning. RecruitBot’s proprietary machine learning technology learns from your company’s hiring decisions to suggest the ideal talent and eliminate the busywork of reviewing irrelevant resumes.

Stay synced with stakeholders. Screen candidates more collaboratively to meet the needs of teams across your organization. RecruitBot lets hiring managers conduct their own searches and instantly provide feedback on your suggestions, guiding you closer to the ideal hire.

Exchange feedback quickly, easily, and asynchronously with the people who matter most. You can spend more time seeking out the right talent – and less time sending around spreadsheets of LinkedIn links or holding endless internal meetings.

Engage effectively. Send messages to candidates’ personal inboxes and have fruitful conversations with minimal effort. RecruitBot lets you auto-personalize drip campaigns and emails to tell your company’s unique story and win over talent.

Easily message candidates on anyone’s behalf to boost response rates. For example, you can communicate using hiring managers’ email addresses without needing access to their entire inbox.

Generate reports on how you and your team are adding value to your organization. This also helps you identify and share best practices, shedding light on what’s working and what can improve."

RecruitBot features

The RecruitBot + Lever integration allows users to do the following:

  1. Export sourced candidates from RecruitBot to Lever.
  2. Understand who you reached out to in the past through Lever so you don't reach out to them in the future.
  3. Data mine all candidates in Lever.
  4. Append up-to-date contact information and work history to existing candidates in Lever.

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