Your Partner for enabling efficient Talent Acquisition: Acquire pre-filtered candidates using data-driven methods that integrate into your existing recruitment process.

About MoBerries

At MoBerries, we are developing tools to navigate the bounty of choice that seems to characterize the labor market on both the supply and demand side. We are helping both sides find the signal in the noise. Our purpose is not just value creation for job seekers and employers — it is to re-shape the global labor market itself.

MoBerries features

Forget about Active Sourcing: Receive pre-filtered candidates from all channels directly into your existing Lever system. Use Job Boards, Recruitment Agencies, and Talent Networks.

Relevant candidates only: MoBerries neural network-based filter saves time by learning from interactions and prioritizes the most fitting ones when sourcing from across the market. Save up to 34% of time in prescreening by prioritizing the most relevant candidates.

Feedback Data: If an applicant rejects your position after being matched, he/she will be asked to provide a short feedback. Find out why your preferred candidates do not apply to your open positions.

MoBerries Recruiter Network for hard-to-fill positions: Use MoBerries Recruiter Network (consisting of over 200 MoBerries Recruiters) to fill niche positions quickly and cost-efficiently.

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