Source a vast talent pool from public sources and employee networks. Automate intros, referrals, and follow-ups. Measure and optimize your talent pipeline.

About Kula

Kula helps you source from LinkedIn, GitHub, and all around the internet. You can then engage with candidates by automating multiple email nudges and timely follow-ups in an intuitive workflow. With Kula, you have all the metrics and dashboards that help you measure, optimize and predict your talent pipeline and maximize recruiter yield.

Kula features

You can automate your entire outbound hiring process using the modules of the Kula platform.

Sourcing with Kula Everywhere - It is Kula's Chrome extension. It lets you add contacts to Kula in one click from LinkedIn and GitHub. The profiles get enriched with the latest contact data for you to start engaging. No download-upload of PDFs anymore.

Engage with Outreach - Create sequenced emails for periodic reach outs, and put talent engagement on auto-pilot. Get 360-degree visibility and collaborative features to make sure candidates never get spammed due to lack of coordination or data sanity.

Referrals through Circles - Your employees connect their networks to Circles, you mine the network for the best-fit candidates, introductions happen in clicks, with complete visibility for all. Circles make referral intros effortless, turning cold reach outs into warm ones, and dramatically multiplying the replies.

Recruitment Analytics - Measure the talent pipeline, manage recruiters' performance, and forecast predictably by having complete visibility over the metrics that matter for your recruitment process.

Kula screenshots

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