Engage your entire talent network, optimize sourcing efforts, and uncover full-funnel insights that guide smarter decisions

About Gem

Gem works alongside LinkedIn and other places that you source, while integrating with Gmail, Outlook, and Lever. Gem's insights & planning solution, Talent Compass, offers full-funnel visibility, hiring forecasts, performance metrics, DEI insights, and executive reporting that TA teams use to plan ahead and guide their recruiting strategy

Gem features

Recruiting teams use Gem to build a talent engagement strategy akin to the world’s best sales & marketing teams.

Sourcing - Save time, double response rates, and gain visibility into what’s working. With key functionality such as target setting, email finding, and automated follow ups, recruiting teams use Gem to execute a targeted and automated approach to talent outreach and nurture. Detailed analytics on outreach activity also empower users to identify strategies that drive top-of-funnel engagement.

CRM - Gem operates as the source of truth for every candidate relationship. With visibility into historical prospect activity, teams can collaborate on candidates, discover best practices, and avoid duplicative outreach. Gem's candidate rediscovery also enables users to search for past ATS candidates, empowering recruiters to take advantage of existing warm relationships with quality talent.

Insights & Planning - Gem’s Talent Compass goes beyond basic data reporting and instead, identifies what’s working well and where there are opportunities to grow. Recruiting operations and talent acquisition leaders rely on Talent Compass dashboards to review KPIs & metrics, forecast hiring trajectories, and facilitate productive conversations with senior business partners and leaders. Meanwhile, recruiters and managers monitor pipeline health and recruiting funnel flows to troubleshoot any issues.

DEI Insights - Gem offers businesses a clear line of sight into how their organization recruits diverse talent, from outreach to hire. Teams can track the gender and race/ethnicity breakdowns of their sourcing activity and TOF talent pools as well as passthrough rates and time-in-stage across the funnel. Armed with these insights, recruiting teams can uncover any potential biases and move towards building a workforce that better represents the communities they serve."

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