Crew CRM

Crew CRM

Outbound recruiting platform - A candidate-centric integration for automating, personalizing and collaborating when sourcing on LinkedIn

About Crew CRM

When recruiting, sourcing candidates is your key to hire the best candidates . This is why we built Crew CRM: the outbound recruiting platform, allowing you to smoothly integrate robust sourcing processes into your existing stack. Built at the right balance between automations and handmade quality - Crew streamlines the dirty work, while you focus on what matters: talents. Coming with a Chrome extension enabling you to:

  1. Add talents to Lever with just one-click
  2. Enrich contact information, and reach out in a personalized way at scale
  3. Automate follow-ups, across multiple channels (email + LinkedIn) and from multiple senders
  4. All without leaving LinkedIn

Crew CRM features

CrewCRM is your sourcing platform with a two-way sync to Lever. Bridging the gap between LinkedIn and Lever, CrewCRM leverages Lever data while sourcing and exporting the best candidates to your talent pool.

Sourcing becomes collaborative so that you can work on sourcing projects on LinkedIn and import candidates directly into Lever in one-click (with all the relevant information: contact information, previous discussions being tracked).

The integration brings your Lever talent pool on top of LinkedIn so you can identify every talent you already know when sourcing, and you avoid contacting the same talent multiple times.

Crew CRM screenshots

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