cord is a direct messaging tool for hiring teams to source engineers who are actively looking for work.

About cord

cord's mission is to increase the number of people doing their best work.

cord is a messaging tool that enables the most simple transaction on earth - a conversation - to happen between someone and their future colleagues. Every message is direct and instant. All the information is relevant and transparent. It feels natural, as if it was always meant to be that way.

Underneath the hood, facilitating these conversations isn't so simple. cord is rebuilding the underlying infrastructure that underpins it all, able to handle recruiting complexity and distribute people and opportunities at scale.

Hiring teams inside the world's most advanced technology companies use cord to hire, from recent Y-Combinator alumni to publicly listed technology companies.

Whole teams are built on cord that wouldn't otherwise exist, inside companies whose work develops vaccines, tackles climate change and builds autonomous vehicles.

cord features

cord's Lever integration allows users to link positions on cord with jobs on Lever and have candidate CVs sent automatically to the Lead section in Lever once the conversation is started.

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