Built for Teams

Built for Teams

Modular tools for org charts, position management, and succession planning.

About Built for Teams

Built for Teams gives you an always-accurate org chart. Our intelligent Auto Sync feature automatically pulls your job requisition data from Lever and allows you to connect requisitions with positions.

Built for Teams features

Position Management/Control- Position management is a critical aspect of organizational planning. Positions are created with unique position IDs so that as employees come and go, a complete history of that position is maintained. Positions also have statuses, budgets, and other attributes that assist in planning, tracking, and reporting.

View Matrix, Project, Team and Other Chart Types- Go beyond traditional top-down hierarchies and create charts for project teams, committees, matrix reporting, and other types of relationships and groupings. Use dotted-line relationships to represent cross-functional reporting situations. Create and view lists of high performers, talent pools, people with specific skills or licenses, and more.

Explore What-If Scenarios for Growth and Change- Easily create charts for what-if scenarios to explore how your organization might change as you grow, downsize, or do a reorg. See impacts of proposed changes on costs, headcount, open positions, and more. Plan for growth by adding proposed future hires, including budgeting and timing for hiring plans. Color code to quickly see patterns and data trends.

Customize Views with Data, Colors, and Layouts- Built for Teams makes your org chart more than simply a reporting hierarchy. Dynamically change what data is shown on each card, color code by different values to help you identify trends or areas of concern, and customize the layout to meet your unique needs.

Help Employees Connect and Collaborate- With more employees working remotely, it's critical for coworkers, especially new hires, to find and contact the right people within your organization. Allow your employees to view a traditional employee directory and org chart, but also search by name, title, skill, certification and more.

Easily Share and Export- Export your chart in multiple formats perfect for presentations, planning meetings, or printing.

Full Access Control- Easily control who can view your org chart and what they can see. Grant limited editing access to specific parts of your chart, and invite specific collaborators to planning charts. You can even invite employees to view a basic, searchable, non-sensitive version of your chart and employee directory.

Build Succession Plans Visually, On the Org Chart- Built for Teams streamlines succession planning by allowing you to document and fully integrate your succession plan with your org chart in a cohesive, visual way. Ditch the spreadsheets and create your succession plans within the context of the org chart itself.

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