Automatically record, transcribe and annotate Zoom interviews and sync with Lever to reduce time to hire and coach interviewers.

About Yobs

Yobs is an Interview Intelligence platform that sits on top of your existing videoconferencing system (e.g. Zoom, Meet) and Lever ATS. (Think: Gong but for recruiting teams.) Our platform automatically records, transcribes and analyzes candidate conversations to accelerate candidate review, increase quality of hire, and give real-time AI coaching to interviewers.

We are backed by talent thought leaders like Adam Grant, and have been recognized as "Top 500 Fastest Growing SaaS Companies of 2021".

Yobs features

  • Use our Chrome Extension to record, transcribe, and take notes during interviews that automatically sync with Lever
  • Coach interviews with real evidence and AI-powered insights
  • Consistently run rigorous and fair interviews with our customizable interview plans vetted by I-O psychologists (or use your own!)
  • Get advanced analytics into the style of each interviewer (speak ratio, bias, and more)"

Yobs screenshots

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