10x Faster and Smarter Resume Screening with AI: Define your hiring criteria and analyse thousands of resumes in minutes.

About Brainner

Brainner is a resume screening software that helps organisations save up to 90% on screening tasks, while hiring the best talent in record time.

Brainner doesn’t make decisions; it empowers recruiters and hiring managers with the tools to make smarter and faster decisions. Brainner processes each resume according to your specific hiring criteria (e.g., work experience, education, skills), analyzing which requirements are met by each candidate, calculating a candidate score and displaying this information in a dynamic visual dashboard.

Key Benefits

  1. Hiring Cost Reduction: Eliminate the hassle of manually opening and reviewing each resume.
  2. Time-to-Hire Reduction: Focus your efforts on conducting meaningful interviews and connecting with top candidates.
  3. Accuracy Improvement: Minimise human error and ensure that no exceptional candidate is overlooked.

How Brainner Works - Just 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Import job description from Lever: The AI model analyzes and extracts key criteria for the role.
  2. Customize the Criteria for the Role: Add, modify, or delete criteria. Also, classify criteria as either mandatory or preferred.
  3. Analyze Results and make faster and smarter decisions: As candidates apply through Lever, Brainner AI efficiently analyzes their profiles in real time against the criteria. You will then be able to navigate the candidates ranked by their alignment with the role, along with a detailed report for each of them.

Brainner features

The Brainner integration with Lever automates resume screening by using AI to analyze and sort candidates based on recruiter criteria. It seamlessly integrates with Lever, automatically syncing job listings and candidate resumes.

  • Easily import jobs and candidates from Lever
  • Navigate a list of candidates ranked by their alignment with the role, complete with justifications for each criteria.
  • Access to a detailed report for each candidate.
  • Update Lever candidate profiles with the resume screening score and the analysis

Brainner Integration with Lever

Brainner screenshots

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