Build a customer-facing Lever integration in minutes

About Truto

With the Truto integration with Lever, engineering teams can build a customer-facing Lever native integration in a few minutes, instead of days, helping save time and precious developer resources.

Get all the benefits the Lever API offers with our proxy and unified APIs for Lever.

Truto features

Sync data from Lever to Truto in less than one-minute with one unified API.

Real-time. Fetch data in real-time at any time without worrying about jobs running at intervals.

Drop-in UI. Customers integrate Lever with your product with our pre-built drop-in UI.

Perform all CRUD operations. Perform all CRUD operations across all endpoints provided by the Lever API.

One data model. Weave data from Lever together with other apps you use to build powerful features for your customers. Use one data model and one pagination format across all apps you integrate.

Developer experience. With robust documentation, intuitive UI and SDKs in all popular languages, developers love to use Truto.

Maintenance. We keep the Lever API updated so you are always using the latest version without having to spend any time or developer effort on maintenance.

Always free tier. Build your MVP with an always free plan.

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