Torii is the world's leading Distributed SaaS Management Platform. Easily manage entire user and application lifecycles, from discovery and license optimization to renewals and offboarding, all-in-one platform.

About Torii

Torii is the world’s only Distributed SaaS Management Platform built for the new digital workplace where anyone can sign up for apps and everyone needs to stay in perfect sync. Unlike other tools, Torii’s complete SaaS management platform discovers new app signups as soon as they occur, unifies actionable user, spend and app insights, recommends cost-saving actions, and empowers cross-functional teams with fully automated and highly customizable workflows. Torii’s customers eliminate millions of dollars in wasted spend, automate hundreds of hours of manual tasks, and protect their sensitive data with instant Shadow IT discovery and risk insights.

Torii features

Make managing your SaaS a breeze with Torii’s time and cost-saving features:

  • Immediate, Actionable Insights: Gain a SaaS system of record for all your app usage, license, and expense insights for hundreds of integrated apps.
  • User and License Monitoring: Secure your data and cut wasted spend with a unified view of application users, licenses, and usage.
  • Cost-Saving Insights and Recommendations: Act on Torii’s cost-saving recommendations to quickly reclaim inactive or underutilized licenses, analyze spend trends, right-size contracts, and more.
  • Fully Automated and Highly Customizable Workflows: Automate key SaaS management processes with out-of-the-box and/or easily customizable actions, triggers, and workflows.
  • Risk and Shadow IT Detection: Easily uncover and manage Shadow IT with immediate user sign-up detection. Analyze and act on SaaS security threats with detailed risk profiles for key applications.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Empower every SaaS stakeholder and streamline operations with robust IT, Procurement, Finance, App Owner, and App Admin roles, actions, and permissions.

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