Measure Candidate experience and take the guesswork out of recruiting with data and feedback from your candidates.

About Talenthub

At Talenthub.io, we want to make recruitment a better experience for all applicants. We strive for turning all applicants into ambassadors - also after the rejection.

In order to do so, we believe it’s crucial to provide companies with the right feedback and insights throughout the entire process, so they can build exceptional candidate experiences.

We're excited to simplify candidate experience for everyone throughout our software, education, and community.

Talenthub features

Empower your candidate journey and your team's efficiency with data and feedback from candidates. Gain insights on your candidates perceptions and your team's efforts, and act on data instead of gut-feelings. Easily build dashboards and reports, and start evaluating. We also enable you to compare your data with industry benchmarks.

Our Candidate Experience specialists are here to help you throughout the entire process, and we also provide you with continuously data reviews, in order to gain as much value as possible from the solution.

You don't need a development team to start collecting data and feedback from your candidates. In just a few clicks, you're ready to be empowered by our fully automated platform.

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