We lead companies to improve their recruitment processes by measuring and showcasing the right Candidate, Hiring Manager and Onboarding Experience data.

About Talenthub

The Talenthub platform empowers recruitment operations through aligning internal processes and teamwork. Powered by anonymous candidate feedback, Talenthub’s data and analytics dashboard equips recruitment teams with insights needed to make informed decisions throughout the entire recruitment process: from sourcing, through interviewing and hiring, to pre- & onboarding.

With a team of experienced Candidate Experience Managers assisting businesses every step of the way, Talenthub provides a 360 overview of their recruitment efforts, highlighting strengths and tackling areas for improvement with best-practice recommendations based on industry and global benchmarks.

Talenthub features

Integrating Talenthub with Lever allows you to start collecting candidate, hiring manager and onboarding feedback automatically and directly through your existing recruitment flow.

Together with your Talenthub Candidate Experience Manager, you will be able to set up the perfect survey flow to track all relevant feedback, whether that’s designing it from scratch or getting inspired by our library of best-practice survey templates.

Through the integration with Lever, the Talenthub platform will automatically send relevant surveys to your candidates as they proceed from stage to stage. Depending on your needs, this could simply mean following the usual stages of application, interview and hiring, but it could also include setups like onboarding surveys or department-specific surveys.

The data you collect through the platform can also be filtered and segmented based on location, recruiter, job position and many more, giving you a thorough overview of your recruitment efforts displayed in an easy to analyze (and act upon!) dashboard.

Integrate Lever with Talenthub and start improving your recruitment process

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