Automatically collects all Candidate and Hiring Manager Feedback and understand how to improve your Candidate Experience

About Starred

Make data-informed decisions by unlocking powerful Candidate Experience insights.

Starred is the Candidate Experience Analytics solution that collects automated, real-time feedback from your (rejected, withdrawn, and hired) candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters.

The Starred dashboards do the analysis for you and help you prioritize next steps. Our no-code integration pulls all fields from Lever which allows you to segment your insights on all levels, including recruiter, department, job, location, and more. You’ll also have access to real-time benchmark data.

Our respondent-friendly surveys are customized to your branding and tone of voice, resulting in the highest response rates.

Starred features

Here are some features recruitment teams love using the Starred and Lever integration:

Customized and personalized surveys. Create your own or pick a survey from our template gallery. Customize your branding and tone of voice, add up to 30 languages, and receive real-time feedback at an average response rate of 30%.

Data made actionable. We don't overwhelm you with excessive data sheets. The Starred dashboards translate incoming feedback to clear and prioritized next steps that will maximize impact.

Segmentation and Benchmarking. Filter your Candidate Experience data on all (custom) fields from Lever and drill down into where you can improve. Our benchmarks let you compare your results against your peers and work towards a competitive advantage.

Recruiter and Hiring Manager Experience. Get a 360 experience view of your recruitment operations by collecting insights from not only your candidates but also your hiring managers and recruiters.

Accountability and Performance. Starred automatically connects Candidate Experience data to your internal stakeholders such as interviewers and recruiters. This allows you to understand what individual in the hiring team can work on to provide a better Candidate Experience. For example, an interviewer can work on providing better feedback to rejected candidates.

Starred screenshots

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