Workflow automation with a human touch

About Relay

Relay is a workflow automation tool for running and automating recurring operational playbooks. With Relay, you can make sure that things get done well and on time, every time.

Relay integrates with Lever and other tools you’re already using to automate repetitive tasks, meaning less work for your team, and more consistent results. Recruit candidates, manage interviews, and welcome new hires - Relay makes it easy to keep your team involved in workflows that need a human touch.

Relay features

Users can automate their workflows using Relay playbooks with any number of Lever automations (currently focused on managing opportunities/panels/interviews). We also have a playbook trigger that responds to candidate stage changes, and a data source that lets you look up an existing opportunity by email.

Relay is a good fit for e.g. automating interview scheduling using Calendly, or managing & partially automating the new hire onboarding process.

Relay Demo - Lever & Calendly Interviews

Relay screenshots

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