Josys Inc

Josys Inc

The One-stop IT Operations Platform for New-age Businesses.Simplify, optimize and secure your SaaS and Device Management – all on a unified console with just a few clicks.

About Josys Inc

Centralize Your SaaS Management.

Discover and visualize SaaS apps, streamline all provisioning operations and conquer Shadow IT.

Optimize Your SaaS Spend.

Gain valuable insights into SaaS expenditure and optimize where it counts.

Effortless Device Management.

Visualize devices, monitor statuses and manage lifecycle.

Seamless Device Procurement, Config and Delivery.

Choose the right equipment and configurations for your team with ease, and streamline delivery logistics with utmost efficiency.

Elevate your productivity with a wide array of integrations.

Select from a large catalog of popular SaaS integrations to drastically simplify your workflows."

Josys Inc features

The Josys integration with Lever syncs Lever users to Josys to help IT Operations monitor and detect any unnecessary Lever user accounts on Josys.

Josys | A complete cloud solution for IT Device & SaaS Management

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