Automate interview scheduling for all stages of the recruiting process to improve candidate experience and reduce time-to-hire.

About FreeBusy

FreeBusy is an AI scheduling assistant designed to automate bookings for all stages of the recruiting process. Use FreeBusy to cut down the back-and-forth by sharing your availability or availability of others involved in the interview process (hiring managers, subject matter specialists, etc.) and enabling candidates to self-schedule.

FreeBusy features

  1. Share calendar availability link and booking link in emails or LinkedIn messages to candidates. These self-scheduling links always show your up-to-date availability and help candidates easily pick a time of their convenience thus kickstarting a seamless recruiting experience.

  2. Create scheduling templates for each interview stage and/or each type of job posting. FreeBusy allows you to create booking page templates for each type or interview. Use this powerful feature to jumpstart the process of interview scheduling based on job roles and match stages of the interview process for that particular role.

  3. Auto-add online meeting details for every scheduled interview. FreeBusy integrates with online meeting tools. Once an interview is scheduled, it automatically generates join links and adds them to the agenda in the calendar invites and reminders.

  4. Automatically sync details for scheduled interviews to Lever. For every meeting that is scheduled using a FreeBusy booking page linked with Lever, FreeBusy automatically checks through meeting details and syncs all the relevant data with the corresponding job posting and stage of the Lever opportunity.

  5. Automatically capture opportunities in Lever when bulk-sourcing candidates. FreeBusy can auto-create candidates entries in Lever enabling you to source and screen candidates in volume.

FreeBusy screenshots

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