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About eqtble

The eqtble platform is an advanced People Analytics platform that aggregates data from a variety of HR systems into one spot. You can create dashboards and detailed reports and share them via email with your team, and work with a team of highly experienced people analytics experts to find answers to your questions.

Only 29% of organizations say they are good or very good at making positive changes based on People Analytics and nearly a third of organizations say they are poor or very poor at using People Analytics. The eqtble platform provides a suite of best practice People Analytics metrics from day 1 of integration that provide immediate value to your organization so you can begin making data driven People Analytics decisions.

eqtble features

Immediate access to the most powerful people analytics tool on the market

  • Unlock the power of your talent data by gaining access to a suite of powerful talent metrics.
  • Simplified integration process greatly reduces the time to get started - avoid back and forth emails and get started quickly.
  • Work with the eqtble team to build custom reports and share those with your organization.
  • Discover the People Analytics data points your leaders want to know more about.
  • Beautiful data visualizations that help you make sense of the data.

Experienced People Analytics Experts

The eqtble platform isn't just a collection of metrics, you also have the ability to work with an incredible team of People Analytics experts who have built out teams at top organizations and who understand the business context behind each metric so you can apply the data and gain the insights to transform your organization.This integration gives eqtble access to your Lever data to surface talent insights and combine it with your other HR data sources.


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