Empower Your Workforce Management: effortlessly navigate, strategize, and flourish with Doublefin—an integrated platform for streamlined workforce workflows, robust scenario planning, and well-informed decision-making.

About Doublefin

Doublefin is an incredibly intuitive tool for all stakeholders in your company to manage and plan workforce intelligently:

  • Request, review and approve new hires, backfills and third-party workers - all in one centralized place with contextual clarity.

  • Confidentially and confidently plan various workforce scenarios, grasp real-time impact, and automate subsequent steps.

  • Make well-informed decisions using advanced analytics, with all workflows and planning seamlessly connected to finance budgets and recruiting processes.

Doublefin features

Doublefin’s integration with Lever allows automatic creation of requisitions and tracking of status in Lever.

Create requisitions in Lever with one click: Once a position is approved for hire you can automatically create the corresponding requisitions in Lever with a single click, with all the data from the approved position already filled in.

Need more insights into the hiring process? Doublefin links directly from the approved position to the corresponding requisition inside Lever so Lever users can find out all the details.

Doublefin screenshots

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