DataLakeHouse is the data consolidation platform that helps you synchronize and integrate your data for actionable insights.

About DataLakeHouse ( is the data consolidation platform that enables the integration of your data for actionable insights. Synchronize your data with other operations data in minutes to gain an aggregate and intelligently insightful view of your whole organization. is a scalable platform that meets the needs for any HR department requiring information from data to effectively meet their organizations' objectives and provide accurate data to executive decision makers.

DataLakeHouse features

Integrate data with Lever for consolidated perspectives.

  • Data Synchronization: Replicate your Lever data to a cloud data warehouse, or send specific transformed data to Slack or FTP/SFTP for other workloads
  • Data Transformation: Transform data, remove PII, and query the data using SQL
  • Data Integration and Consolidation: Integrate Lever data with other data sources that run your operations. Combine labor data, revenue metrics, and other systems perhaps from acquisition to have a holistic view of your operations
  • Data Analysis: Work with your data quickly and effectively by providing access to slice and dice the data to find new answers to unknown questions
  • Downstream Data Shipping: Easily handle request for other 3rd-party vendors and systems integration for your Lever data
  • Alerting: Surface anomalies about your Lever data and/or more meaningful data from consolidating with other relevant systems

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