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About Click Boarding

Click Boarding's Employee Onboarding and Experience Platform provides the orchestration of guided, automated workflows for prescribed outcomes. Our configurable, employee-first processes offer intuitive experiences while driving valuable engagements during key employee transitions. Click Boarding puts the human back in Human Resources and automates the rest in a matter that's seamless and secure. As a result, your employees can find purpose in meaningful work.

Click Boarding features

Click Boarding & Lever Benefits

  • Mobile-first, guided candidate experiences for a level of engagement your employees will thank you for.
  • Industry-leading security & compliance for first-class data confidentiality across systems.
  • Consistent, convenient sign-on experience providing one seamless login for true simplicity.
  • The HR tech ecosystem you’ve been seeking via seamless, solid downstream HRIS integrations.
  • Extensive suite of robust APIs for connectivity that just can’t be beat throughout your funnel.

Click Boarding Functionality

Intuitive Workflow Orchestration: Easy-to-navigate, guided workflows to keep your employees engaged and on track.

Unmatched Digital Compliance: Security is in our DNA as a point solution that marries engagement and compliance at scale so you can rest easy.

Digital Transformation Ready: Built for automation and integration at scale to enable a fully connected technology ecosystem.

Scalability & Self Service: An intentional and configurable orchestration of people, process and technology to meet your unique, evolving needs.

Proprietary eSignature: Click’s proprietary e-signature enables employers to collect signatures on policies and agreements with a simple click of a button. Create consistency at scale across your workflows with ease and intuitive design functionality.

Form I-9 & E-Verify: Digital, intuitive and smart form captures are easy with Click. Simply review, add documentation, and submit the (optional) E-Verify process directly within the Click Boarding platform

Solving for HR’s Needs

Recruiting and onboarding have never been so easy since Lever and Click Boarding partnered and built a tight integration. Once the decision to hire is made, applicant information is available throughout the onboarding process within Click Boarding, to eliminate duplicate data entry, ensure accuracy and create an efficient and meaningful experience for both HR and the new hire. Click Boarding has quickly become known as the onboarding solution that has raised the bar on delivering an easier way to onboard - from engaging new hires to completing tasks, and managing forms. Clients can expect new hires to be more connected, acclimated, excited, and productive starting day one.

Likewise, Lever’s industry-leading recruiting software is designed to engage employees throughout the hiring process and build quality relationships with candidates through sourcing and referrals. The platform takes the functionality of traditional Applicant Tracking Systems and combines it with CRM features to keep track of candidates and build meaningful relationships with the right talent at scale.

Getting the Results HR Needs

What is the risk if HR delivers a poor hiring and onboarding experience to a new hire? The new hire becomes a no hire. In fact, 22% of new hires leave within the first 45 days on the job. To avoid this, industry research found the answer is to standardize the onboarding process and automate onboarding tasks. Organizations that do so experience increases in employee retention and company loyalty by over 50%, plus improved new hire productivity and performance by 18%.

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