Recruiting task automation in Lever like you’ve never experienced before!

About CiiVSOFT

Reach your recruiting goals with CiiVSOFT. Using intelligent automation, CiiVSOFT takes care of tasks like screening job applicants, finding candidates and pipelining applications during initial hiring stages. CiiVSOFT completes manual and repetitive tasks in seconds giving recruitment teams more time to focus on making strategic hiring decisions.

  • Shorten time to hire and candidate response times
  • Reduce hiring costs
  • Improve candidate engagement and experience
  • Deal with unconscious bias risks during top of the funnel hiring
  • Keep recruiting pipelines moving

Take your Lever experience to another level. With a seamless, synchronised integration, CiiVSOFT operates behind the scenes inside Lever to guarantee workflow optimization, improved user experience and recruiting productivity.

CiiVSOFT features

Automation features:

ARKiiVE: Automated candidate database search and matching Automatically search and resurface past candidates in your existing talent database and match them to new job opportunities.

FiiLTER: Automated job application screening Screen unlimited numbers of applications. Accurately screen all incoming job applications against open vacancies in any language.

REFiiNE: Automated talent pipelining and referral Cross-check applicants who were not matched for their original intended role, against all other open job vacancies.

Please note, our integration with CiiVSOFT requires a Lever plan that allows for custom API key generation.

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