Deliver the Best Candidate Experience by Scheduling your Interviews with GoodTime.

About GoodTime

GoodTime enables Lever talent acquisition teams to create efficient, equitable, and personalized candidate experiences that land top talent faster. GoodTime is the only AI-based HR tech solution that can help advance DE&I initiatives.

Lever users simply click a button to begin the interview scheduling process, leveraging pre-defined interview templates, interviewer teams and email communications providing up to 50% time savings so talent teams can be more strategic in their recruiting efforts.

GoodTime features

The GoodTime - Lever integration allows our clients to gain exponential efficiencies when scheduling candidate interviews and ensuring the candidate experience is second to none when engaging the scheduling process and the interview itself. What can you expect when leveraging GoodTime and Lever together:

Expedite Your Interviews - Reduce time-to-hire and manage interviewer fatigue with load-balanced participant rotation and candidate-driven self-scheduling across teams and time zones.

Elevate Team Productivity- Provide increased efficiency and standardization through an automated, template-driven candidate experience, freeing your team to focus on strategic goals.

Empower Interviewers - Ensure your team is trained to conduct interviews that effectively identify and select great candidates with built-in interviewer shadowing and qualification.

Express Your Values and Brand - Engage your candidates with a personalized, inclusive hiring experience that reflects your brand and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) goals.

Get more from your applicant database - Two-way Lever integration leverages your existing data to create personalized candidate outreach in minutes, not hours.

Gain insights that drive action - Metrics that highlight opportunities to reduce time-to-hire, increase interviewer effectiveness, and drive a best-in-class candidate experience.

Prepare your interview team - Equip your team with LinkedIn profiles, imported resume data, standardized question sets, and other key files needed to achieve consistent, success-driven results.

Connect virtually, with ease - Integrated with popular conferencing systems such as Zoom, Webex Google Meet Microsoft Teams and assessment tools CodeSignal, Codility, HackerRank and CoderPad and more."

GoodTime pricing

Available to all customers at no extra cost

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