XOR builds modern recruiting communication software with text messaging, calling, video, and AI chatbots for teams to hire more efficiently

About XOR

Modern recruiting communication software for 33% faster hiring. Communicate over text messaging at scale to drive more engagement; automate candidate screening, interview scheduling, and talent pool engagement with AI chatbots; and host live or on-demand video interviews that can be completed from anywhere, 24/7. Hundreds of global employers like IKEA, McDonald's, Mars Exxon Mobil, and Manpower Group trust XOR to hire faster, lower costs, and delight candidates.

XOR features

With XOR you can:

Recruit and engage faster - By sending personalized SMS, WhatsApp, and email campaigns to candidates and employees, you’ll get 40% response rates in less than 15 minutes.

Spend more time with your best candidates - By automating candidate screening, scoring, and qualification using an AI-powered chatbot, your recruiters can focus on the best talent.

Schedule (and reschedule) interviews in seconds - Automate your scheduling with our AI-powered chatbot, which can check the calendars of multiple people within your organization for open time slots. This advanced scheduling workflow works with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and Google Calendar, and can create unique meeting links using our Zoom integration.

Get more applicants for your openings - By enabling candidates to apply over text message and QR codes, and automating responses in real-time and from any device using our AI-powered chatbot.

Simplify your recruiting communication- By using our browser extension to quickly add your candidates to XOR and sending messages to candidates right from your ATS.

Host virtual hiring events - Host your own virtual career fairs, which are scheduled online events where you can chat with prospective employees. In addition to the chat space where conversations take place, you can create registration forms, landing pages, and career fair maps to direct candidates and engage visiting prospects over live chat, recorded video, or video conferencing.

Increase conversions on your career sites - Embed our live chat widget right on your career site or any other page, engage prospects conversationally, and automate workflows with our AI-chatbot to answer questions 24/7.

See what’s working and what’s not - Build reports that show how many candidates have been messaged, qualified, and scheduled, and what communication apps and channels were most effective in reaching them.


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