Witty Works

Witty Works

Witty enables companies to scale inclusion faster. As an AI-augmented assistant it detects bias in communication and uses micro-learning to support employees to practice inclusive behavior.

About Witty Works

Nowadays, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a must for companies; and yet, the tools used to implement it - like trainings and workshops - don't work and aren't sustainable.

Witty is the first software in DEI with which companies detect organizational bias and build an inclusive culture. It's an AI-augmented assistant that detects bias in communication, in real-time, while writing. It then provides background information about that bias and provides inclusive alternatives. Not only do employees then communicate more inclusively. They also take this newly learnt behavior into real life, fostering an inclusive corporate culture bottom up.

Witty Works features

Witty is a browser plugin. Once installed, it analyzes your writing real-time, making you aware of terms and phrases that are openly discriminating or that are unconsciously deterring to your readers. Thereafter, it gives you micro-learning content explaining the bias behind the word and provides you with inclusive alternatives. Finally, you will receive analytics of your communication behavior and bias traps you fall into, be it at personal or organizational level. Witty making you aware of unconscious bias helps you to integrate your newly learn behavior also in real life, fostering an inclusive corporate culture.

Witty Works - Basic Features

Witty Works screenshots

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