Get complete visibility into headcount plans, a live hiring tracker, and budgets vs. actuals – and eliminate 75% of spreadsheet busywork

About TeamOhana

Are manual headcount spreadsheets slowing you down? TeamOhana can help. As a Lever customer, you can quickly integrate TeamOhana to give all headcount stakeholders (Finance, recruiters, hiring managers, executives) a single source of truth for the company's hiring plan. Complete visibility, no spreadsheet busywork.

TeamOhana features

TeamOhana’s integration with Lever allows the retrieval of recruiting data from Lever, such as jobs, offers and candidate information to centralize all hiring data into one platform.

  • Only open approved roles: Don't toil away working on roles that have not been fully approved because the hiring manager backchanneled the ask. With TeamOhana, only roles that have been approved will appear in your queue, where you can assign a recruiter and open the roles directly in Lever.

  • Automate job creation with one click: Once a role is assigned to a recruiter, they can open the job, along with all relevant information, directly in Lever with one click. No more copy-pasting job descriptions and compensation information, as all data is passed seamlessly from the approved headcount in TeamOhana to the open job in Lever.

  • Provide hiring visibility: Instead of manual spreadsheet updates or weekly alignment meetings, Lever will push hiring progress updates directly to TeamOhana for Finance, Hiring Managers, and others to see. Set up notifications when offers are sent and accepted.

TeamOhana screenshots

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