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About Sense

Sense is a Talent Engagement platform designed to seamlessly integrate and compliment your System of record. Engagement automation via conversational AI, Text, WhatsApp, Referrals and Matching all working behind the scenes to keep talent teams focused on what's most important, the people.

Sense features

The Sense integration with Lever syncs candidate contact information from Lever to Sense to allow Lever users to seamlessly engage with candidates via email, text or WhatsApp.

Experience 5x faster response rates, eliminating drop-off

Meeting your candidates on their phones allows for faster response rates, thus giving recruiters more time to engage with more candidates. The ROI of fast communication is measured by streamlined recruiter productivity.

Improve recruiter engagement during the initial contact and beyond

Build deeper relationships with candidates through well-crafted, personalized text messages. Custom personalization resonates with candidates and allows for better recruiter engagement, helping to place the right candidates in the right roles.

Increase recruiter productivity by 30%

Empowering your team to manage and prioritize candidate conversations through a shared inbox creates transparency across recruiting teams and streamlines what were once manual processes.

Reduce candidate drop-off due to unnecessary response delays

Easily sort, and view conversations based on activity status. Reaching candidates via advanced search based on phone number, name, tags, and more allows for better engagement, ensuring candidates don't miss the right opportunity.

Enjoy an average 51% response rate

E-mail only yields a 10% response rate, whereas texting goes much further. Texting and WhatsApp enable your recruiters to communicate from anywhere, on multiple platforms, ensuring no missed communications and a reduction in lost opportunities.

Sense - Sense Talent Engagement Platform

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