Reevolt's Hire Power

Reevolt's Hire Power

Hire Power creates unbiased job descriptions to attract the diverse talent pool.

About Reevolt's Hire Power

Hiring top talent is crucial for your organization’s success, and it all starts with a well-crafted job description. Have you ever stopped to consider the biases that may be impacting your hiring decisions?

Biased language and gendered terms can unintentionally create barriers, preventing diverse talent from even considering your open positions. By providing unbiased job descriptions, you open the door to a wider pool of qualified candidates, ensuring that your organization remains inclusive and forward-thinking.

Hire Power seamlessly integrates with leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) streamlining your hiring process. Once connected, unbiased job descriptions can be created effortlessly from within your ATS.

Reevolt's Hire Power features

Auto Generation & Customization

With just a job title and a minimum job requirement, Hire Power creates comprehensive job descriptions. Additionally, recruiters and hiring managers can further customize descriptions to align with their company’s voice.

Diversity and Inclusion

Unbiased descriptions attract diverse candidates, promoting inclusivity. Remove unintentional barriers that may unknowingly discourage candidates from applying.

ATS Integration Equals Time Saved

Effortlessly integrate with your existing ATS eliminating manual data entry and tracking. Focus on finding the right candidate reducing your time-to-fill.

User Friendly Interface

Our intuitive interface ensures a seamless user experience. Collaborate with team members in real-time, enabling transparency among your hiring team.

Reevolt Hire Power with Lever - Demo Video

Reevolt's Hire Power screenshots

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