Hire developers, designers, & product managers with proof-of-work & verified work experience!

About Peerlist

Peerlist is a community-led professional network for people in tech with powerful work profiles at its core. Peerlist members can showcase their work from different platforms like Github, Dribbble, Medium and many more on single most meaningful profile.

Why hire from Peerlist?

Peerlist helps you to hire the most credible candidates with proof-of-work and verified work experience. These are the most critical recruitment factors and became significant after remote work got introduced.

Peerlist features

With Lever integration, you can post and sync your job listings on Peerlist. No need to manage multiple job boards. Just integrate Lever and jobs will be available on Peerlist Jobs for people to apply. Candidates can easy apply to your jobs with just 1-click using their Peerlist profile. All these candidates will automatically appear in your Lever dashboard.

Peerlist screenshots

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