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About Mangtas

Mangtas offers the following 3 main components:

AI Vetting engine:

Our 13-step process automatically vets our sourcing partners and their talents, which covers:

  • Automated onboarding
  • Data gathering: forms, scraping of CVs, sites & socials, crowdsourcing, reviews & references.
  • AI testing: which include open-ended questions, and where applicable, coding challenges – with AI applied to everything from the questions, to the proctoring, to the scoring, and to the commentary – even our open ended questions such as “build a solution architecture from ground up for…”, and coding tests like “using your preferred programming language, write a scalable and extensible solution for… ” are all automatically assessed functionally and non-functionally using AI.
  • AI interviews: administered by a human-like bot (“Arya”) and assessed using AI based on numerous factors such as relevance, clarity, depth, accuracy, coherence, and persuasiveness.

With all of this fully automated, we eliminated any manual tasks, making our talent sourcing & vetting extremely scalable, while removing any human bias in the process.

AI Matching engine
  • Matching: rather than providing a list of thousands of candidates for a specific role, our AI-powers solution instead optimizes the traditional hiring flow by automatically interpreting the job description, and matching only a short-list of the best-fit talents – which can all be further calibrated.
  • 360 degree view: based on the 500+ data points, talents are presented using data-rich profiles in standardize format enable clients to make hiring decisions in a week, rather than the industry standard of 2-3 months
  • Workflow: with just one click, an integration can be setup with Lever to seamlessly integrate with your current flow,
Admin platform

Once a talent has been contracted, our platform further helps streamline the admin complexity of running a team with remote staff – including timesheets, global payments, regular (1-5 star) reviews, and even potential disputes.

In addition to the client dashboard, we also have self-serve dashboards for vendors, talents and internal admins.

Mangtas features

The Mangtas integration with Lever uploads data rich talent profiles from Mangtas to Lever and tracks candidate status updates.

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