With Lucca’s software, turn spreadsheets into interactive online services and streamline your internal management processes.

About Lucca

Lucca develops SaaS solutions to optimize administrative and HR processes.

With more than 6400 clients and 1,420,000 users, Lucca is a mid-market company leader.

Lucca designs software solutions that provide simple answers to specific needs!

Lucca develops 11 software for HR & Finances split into four categories:

  • Time and Activities. From attendance to time tracking, optimize the working time of your teams and gain in productivity

  • Talent. From onboarding to interviews, develop your talents and improve your company's performance

  • Finance. From expense to expenditure commitments, control your employees' expenses and reduce your management costs

  • Payroll. Automate EVP collection and streamline your payroll preparation time

When we design our software, we first think about the end-users, those who will use our solutions on a daily basis. Our aim is to make their life easier.

In other words, we design our products for those who will actually use them and not for those who buy them.You can use just one of our solutions or combine them to customize your own HRIS. Our goal is to increase productivity while providing you with a simple, efficient and user-friendly experience.

Lucca features

As soon as the candidate reaches the ultimate recruitment step, the synchronisation is automatically performed. All data (first name, last name, contract start date, manager, department, legal entities, job title, mobile phone, personal email) are transmitted to Lucca in order to create a new employee.

The hiring process becomes seamless for the candidate.

Lucca screenshots

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