Founded in 2016 as an online multimedia resume builder, CakeResume has evolved into the leading talent platform that facilitates efficient connections between top-tier talents and companies in the digital era.

About CakeResume

Job Posting / Employer Branding

Post job vacancies and effortlessly reach millions of talents. CakeResume helps businesses establish their professional employer brands and increase awareness in the talent market.

Talent Search

Leverage CakeResume’s candidate recommendation system to connect with the right candidates more efficiently.

Personal Branding

Job-seekers can effortlessly showcase their professional skills, work experiences, and full potential using CakeResume’s professional online resume-building and portfolio-making tools.

Job Search Portal

Explore thousands of career opportunities at the world's leading companies on CakeResume. Efficiently and accurately filter through every piece of vacancy information.

Professional Network

Job-seekers can establish and expand their professional networks with just a few clicks. On CakeResume, job-seekers are encouraged to connect with professionals worldwide, unlocking more career growth opportunities.

Career Resources

Job-seekers can explore their career potential with CakeResume’s extensive career resources, ranging from industry insights to job search skills and career guides.

CakeResume features

The CakeResume integration with Lever allows users to seamlessly cross-publish job postings from their Lever account to CakeResume with a single click. Job postings will be visible on CakeResume's job board and the corresponding company’s job page on CakeResume. Additionally, as jobs are synchronized daily, any modifications made to the job postings on Lever will be automatically reflected in the corresponding listings on CakeResume, ensuring real-time updates and consistency in information.

When job seekers view the job listing on CakeResume and click the 'Apply' button, they will be redirected to the original job posting on Lever to submit their application. This streamlined process enhances efficiency in recruiting and candidate management.

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