Seamless distribution of matching jobs to your previous applicants and Wintrgarden talent pools.

About Wintrgarden

Wintrgarden is an Employer Branding Automation software platform that helps you communicate and engage with your prospective candidates across all your talent touch points. Our platform offers productivity, content, communication, and analytics tools specifically catered to Employer Branding professionals. Through Wintrgarden, you build robust long term employer brand engagement and pipeline hot candidate leads directly into your Applicant Tracking System.

Wintrgarden features

Automated distribution of job opportunities - Match relevant candidates in your Wintrgarden talent pools to your open job opportunities in Lever and encourage them to apply.

Synchronize Silver Medalists - Import your almost-hires from Lever to Wintrgarden so you can keep engaging and communicating with them.

Synchronize recent hires - Keep your data fresh by automatically archiving candidates in Wintrgarden that you’ve marked as Hired in Lever.

Wintrgarden screenshots

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