Build 5-star Candidate Experiences and 7x your Recruiter Productivity.

About Whitecarrot.io

Employers using Whitecarrot.io Candidate Portal report:
  • Reduction in time-to-hire by 50%
  • Recruiter productivity up by 7x
  • Savings of 20 engineering hours per hire
  • Rated 4.92/5 on candidate experience
  • Whitecarrot.io concierge team helps you build a Candidate Portal that sits on top of Lever .
  • Candidate Portal can be leveraged throughout the recruitment journey, from collecting CV to sharing an offer.
What is Whitecarrot.io Candidate Portal?

Think of the Candidate Portal as a mini-website where candidates can start their application or resume their progress at any stage during their recruitment journey.

Whitecarrot.io concierge team will help you add the following to the candidate portal:

  • Science based Screening Tests for a healthier top of the funnel
  • One-Way Video Interview
  • Code Challenges and Take-home Assignment Support for Engineering Candidates
  • Auto-Scheduling Interviews with Recruiters or Hiring Managers
  • Automations with Lever.
  • Recruitment Guides, Know your Team videos, Modern Job Descriptions and much more

The best part, Recruiters & Hiring Managers will not be using multiple platforms and they can access all scores, candidate responses and candidate engagement data on Lever.

Whitecarrot.io features

With the Lever<>Whitecarrot.io integration, talent acquisition teams can

  • Sync Quiz Scorecards, Candidate Videos and other candidate responses to Lever Notes
  • Create candidate profiles on Lever
  • Update Tags and Set Up Automations

This is a specialized integration that is built, managed, and supported by the Whitecarrot.io team. If you would like more information or help with this integration, please contact Whitecarrot.io.

Whitecarrot.io screenshots

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