Build beautifully designed job boards in Webflow using the live data from your Lever account.

About Webflow

Webflow is the leading visual development platform for building powerful websites without writing code. By combining modern web development technologies into one platform, Webflow enables people to build websites visually, saving engineering time, while clean code seamlessly generates in the background. From independent designers and creative agencies to Fortune 500 companies, millions worldwide use Webflow to be more nimble, creative, and collaborative. It’s the web, made better. Learn more at webflow.com.

Webflow features

The Webflow integration with Lever lets you seamlessly create beautifully designed job boards and job listing pages in Webflow using the live data synced from your Lever account.

How does it work?

  • Connect your Lever and Webflow accounts upon install
  • Once connected, the integration will automatically sync your existing job posting data to Webflow's CMS
  • Use your Lever data in the Webflow CMS to build beautiful careers pages, job boards, and job listing pages in Webflow with no code required
  • The integration will automatically sync your CMS data with Lever behind the scenes – automatically adding and removing job postings as needed.

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