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About Vpply

Vpply is a platform that allows candidates to apply for jobs with a video profile.

The concept of the technology came from addressing the lack of human connection in the first stage of the hiring process - job search. Finding a job is challenging and Vpply allows jobseekers to make an impactful first impression through applying with a short video complementing the traditional CV and cover letter.

For talent acquisition managers, recruiters and hiring managers, the applications present an immediate list and the video based jobseeker database can easily be searched, qualified and shortlisted. We are inspiring people to connect.

Our aim is to disrupt the traditional text job board space and provide jobseekers tools to attract top employers with authentic and inspiring stories. The recruitment industry has awakened to the potential for video to grow a personal and company brand, turbocharge social recruiting, build diversity, showcase Employer Brand content & so much more. Vpply aims to be there every step of the way.

Vpply features

What does Vpply bring you?

  • Time to hire cost reduced for HR teams
  • Immediate culture fit in first application
  • Every word spoken by jobseeker is searchable
  • Provides feedback to jobseekers for optimal videos
  • Employer branding options with 10+ videos on company profile


  • Over 10,000 applications
  • Marketing focus on emerging social media platforms
  • Large-scale customization
  • Easy setup with integrated Lever button on Vpply sign up page

Integration is seamless with a 'Lever' button on Vpply. Employers can post all jobs on a freemium model and start receiving applications immediately. Vpply allows up to 10 employer videos also highlighting various company benefits, culture and more

Vpply screenshots

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