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About Tribe

Tribe is a global hiring platform that relies on vetted “scouts”. When you post your jobs on Tribe, they get routed to experienced and vetted recruiters in your target countries as well as professionals (e.g., Director of Product at Amazon, Director of Engineering at IBM, Staff Engineer at Oracle, etc…).

Scouts start sharing referrals. The referrals get vetted by Tribe’s AI and by our team and we only forward referrals that we believe are the best fit. We also give feedback to the scouts to help them source better referrals for you in the future.

When you add a job to Tribe, you set the “Bounty” that you want to pay for the job and we add Tribe fees on top of the bounty. It’s all transparent and there are no hidden fees or costs. On top of that, you only pay the bounty and Tribe fee when you make a hire.

This approach allows you to receive very high quality referrals anywhere in the world with a high conversion rate and no overwhelming and irrelevant referrals.

It’s also considerably lower cost than traditional recruiting. With Tribe, you set the bounty that you want to pay with no hidden fees.

Tribe features

The Tribe integration allows you to easily export all jobs in Lever to Tribe and receive referrals submitted in Tribe directly in Lever. Referred candidate statuses are also synced from Lever to Tribe.

Tribe screenshots

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