Personalized, realistic "day-in-the-life" job assessments for high volume hiring.

About ThriveMap

ThriveMap’s Realistic Job Assessments reduce new hire attrition and streamline hiring processes for high volume, frontline hiring.

We partner with companies to create personalized, realistic ""day-in-the-life"" pre-hire assessments. Unlike other assessment types, ThriveMap assessments take candidates through a ""virtual job tryout"" to assess candidates accurately and manage candidate expectations about the role, work environment and culture.

ThriveMap assessments are used primarily for high-volume, frontline jobs as a replacement for resume sifting, candidate screening and in some cases interviews entirely. They are proven to reduce new hire attrition by communicating role realities to candidates earlier in the hiring process and enabling candidate de-selection and they are significantly more predictive and valid than using generic pre-employment tests.

ThriveMap features

Via seamless integration, candidates will be automatically invited to complete their "day-in-the-life" assessment at any point in the recruitment process you choose. The candidates score, score banding (Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average) and detailed report URL will automatically appear in Lever creating efficiencies for the hiring team.


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