Use behavioral science to ensure you are selecting the right person for the right job.

About TalentQuest

TalentQuest’s Behavioral Assessments seamlessly integrate with Lever to get the right people in the right positions.

Leveraging behavioral science, TQ’s scientifically proven and validated assessment provides a complete picture of the traits and behaviors a candidate brings to the position to ensure they fit the culture and will be motivated, loyal, and high performing employees for years to come.

Targeted interview guides allow hiring managers or recruiters to dive deeper into strengths or limitations and personalized development recommendations accelerate onboarding by focusing on strengthening the capabilities of each individual.

Once hired, the assessment data can provide deep insights needed to help managers become better coaches; provide personalized guidance for each employee so they understand how their traits and behaviors affect them and those around them; and build high-performing teams made up of individuals with complimentary soft skills. All with the goal of driving better business outcomes.

TalentQuest features

  • The TalentQuest integration with Lever enables the TQ Behavioral Assessment to be automatically launched for candidates applying for jobs.
  • The customer can choose to only launch assessments when a candidate reaches a certain stage in the workflow, or they can have all applicants for a given job be required to take an assessment as soon as they apply.
  • When a candidate completes a TQ Behavioral Assessment, Lever will be updated to indicate that it is completed and provide rich details about the candidate’s key assets, management tips, and additional guidance to help select the best candidate for the job.

TalentQuest: Personalize Every Connection with Behavioral Science

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