Suitable AI

Suitable AI

Gamify your referral program to boost employee referral hires by 10X. Create referral campaigns, automate reward management and build a pipeline of vouched talent from your employees' network.

About Suitable AI

Suitable AI scales your referral program with gamified referral campaigns and automated management of referrals & rewards. Suitable AI makes referrals truly effortless. Team members can easily make referrals from their network, from Slack, from Suitable AI dashboard, or by sharing personalized referral links giving a boost to your employer brand and improving reach of job positions.

Suitable AI offers

Referral Gamification - With gamified referral programs and customizable leaderboards, Suitable AI makes referrals engaging and rewarding for employees. With gamification, organizations can exponentially boost their incoming referrals and significantly reduce hiring time and costs.

Leveraging Employee Networks - With Suitable AI's chrome extension, employees can sync their networks to their dashboard and vouch for the best talent they know. Recruiters can view consolidated employee networks and proactively request candidate referrals from employees. With extensive filters, finding the perfect match

Admin Automation for recruiters - Referrals tracking and rewards management are fully automated with Suitable AI. The need to maintain spreadsheets and track reward disbursals is eliminated for admins and recruiters.

Communication and Tracking for all - Suitable AI allows transparent communication and real-time tracking of referral status and rewards for employees. Employees can have real-time updates for new open positions, movement of their referrals in the hiring pipeline, their rewards and so much more. Both admins and employees can configure notifications they want to send or receive. Suitable AI easily integrates with Slack to make communication & tracking even simpler for all stakeholders.

ATS Integration - While Suitable AI allows extensive job management within the recruiter dashboard, however for organizations already using an Applicant Tracking System there is a zero disruption integration option to plug-n-play Suitable AI. There is no need to manage jobs and candidates in ATS and Suitable AI both. The duplicacy is totally eliminated.

Suitable AI features

  • Once Lever is integrated with Suitable AI, admins/recruiters can sync all open job positions to Suitable AI from their dashboard.
  • Recruiters can customize referral forms, choose diversity preferences and set rewards for each job.
  • Recruiters can also share open positions with employees over email / slack.
  • Employees can view the jobs and rewards in their employee dashboard and make referrals to jobs. All referrals are visible to recruiters in their Lever dashboard with Referral tags for easy identification.
  • Any update in status of referred candidates will be updated in real-time in the employee dashboard without any manual intervention.

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