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About Spottabl

Smart Pairing With Recruiters: Spottabl’s AI assigns the right recruiter or an agency to the job by looking at their talent network that they have access to.

360º Job Description: The platform enables a complete view of the job for its recruitment partners. This includes hiring notes and pre-assessment questions suggested based on the role that you are hiring for.

Interview-ready Candidates: You not only get candidate CVs right inside your ATS, but also accompanying stories submitted by the experts giving context on why they think the candidate is the right fit.

Intelligent Nudges: The platform sends timely nudges in your Email & Slack that help you stay on top of your hiring goals.

Spottabl features

  • Spottabl's specialist recruiters will be assigned to Lever jobs

  • After the integration is on, all the candidates qualified on Spottabl will be reflected in Lever as well.

  • Whenever a specialized recruiter qualifies a candidate on Spottabl, this will automatically appear under the mapped stage for that job inside of Lever. Spottabl will also send the respective comments from the recruiter.

  • Finally, any and all communication will be translated in the form of comments to and from Lever. This enables both stakeholders (you and the recruiters) always stay in sync

Spottabl screenshots

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