Refapp helps you make reference checking efficient, professional and secure. Increase accuracy and GDPR-comply the reference checks in your recruitment processes.

About Refapp

Refapp is a digital and automated reference checking tool that gives you full control of your reference checks. Request the referee’s contact details from the candidate, directly from Lever, and let Refapp do the rest of the work. The result is reference's collective responses in a professional report.

Refapp features

Refapp helps you work:

Efficient - Typical response time from references is 5 hours. You can automate your entire process of requesting and collecting hiring referrals.

Unbiased and competency-based - Carry out a structured and standardised reference check and remove discriminatory bias and subjective recruiter judgements. By implementing the competency framework from your test provider you also align the reference checking with the rest of your recruitment process.

Secure - From GDPR-compliance to referee verification and fraud detection. Technical security such as SSO is also available. Refapp is committed to providing a safe and reliable platform that makes sure that your work complies with all necessary information security regulations.

Employer Branding - Branded and professional communication with references and customers increases the experience of your Employer Brand.


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