Fast, easy & affordable click-to-text software for recruiters.

About Rectxt

Integrate the unbeatable performance of texting into your recruitment workflow with Rectxt - simply click on a candidate’s phone number in Lever to send a text!

Rectxt is fast, easy and affordable texting software for recruiters that seamlessly integrates with Lever with a couple of mouse clicks. Each recruiter chooses their own texting number from any area code in North America, and all text message conversations are instantly saved into each candidate's Lever profile.

Rectxt features

Our nifty click-to-text chrome extension allows recruiters to instantly send 1:1 and 1:many mass messages directly from within Lever, or from any other webpage.

Other key features include:

👉 Message templates

👉 Message scheduling (coming soon)

👉 Bulk action mass messaging

👉 Incoming message browser notifications

👉 Mobile apps

👉 User analytics

👉 Easy seat management

With transparent low-cost monthly & annual Team plans and no heavy sales process required, signing up is quick & easy and you’ll be texting candidates within minutes!

Simply download the extension from the Chrome store or visit our website to get started.


Rectxt screenshots

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